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Recommended Places to Begin
What Is Chemical Engineering?
Chemical Resources at the University of Bath
This is a listing of various resources available for chemical engineers on the Internet
Chemical Engineering at WWW
World-Wide Chemical Engineering Departments' Rankings
Martindale´s Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering at About.com

SciCentral: Best Engineering Sciences
Science & Engineering Library: University at Buffalo
Searching for Internet engineering info?
Chemical Engineering URL´s
Engineering Homepage: Links
Chemical Engineering at Caltech
Yahoo Science: Chemical Engineering
Internet Resources In Chemical Engineering
CyberMinds : Biosources and Chemical Engineering Resources
Chris's Home page: Chemical Engineering Links
Chemicals Engineering Links
Chemical Engineering at Galilei

Engineering Information Inc. (free trial)
Mat Web: The on-line Materials Information Resources
Welcome to the Homepage of Surface ESR group
Internet Resources for  Chemical Engineering
Design Taftan Data: Steam Properties Software (Demo)
Internet Resources Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Links Index at Curtin University
UK Engineering Search Engine
Other Webs at CEPIS
Links to Engineering Sites

The MSN Search
Sciquest (Hot Links section)
Useful information for Chemical Engineers
Prode Software: tool for solving problems in chemical engineering
Chemical Literature: Important Indexes in Science and Engineering
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
List of databases
Environmental Science & Engineering: Related Web Sites
Chemical Engineering at NCSA
Engineering related hands-on activities
Science & Engineering Libraries Guides to Web and Library
Engineering E-journal Search Engine (for chemist too)
Chemical Processing on the Web: get password and logging
David Rezachek's Home Page
Automotive and Industrial Lubricants

Computer Methods for Chemical Engineers
Rensselaer -  Chemical Engineering Hypertext Presentations
Applications Chemist / Chiemical Engineer
Laboratory for Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
The Zeolite Web
Powder page
INCOSE: Software for Engineers
MatWeb, Your Source for Materials Information
G&P Engineering Software
Chemtech98: Asia´s  Largest Chemical Technology Show
EA System (Simulation Process)
gPROMS Process Simulator
Plant Design & Maintenance

Plant Design Home
Fisher-Rosemount: Process Control
Honeywell IAC
BatchCAD is reactor simulation software
Refiner´s AIDE
ChemEng Software and Services Ltd.
Intelligen Inc: Simulation and Design tools for the process & Env. Indus.
Molecular Knowledge System
Stratus Engineering: Refining & Petrochemical Industries
Epcon International: Engineer´s  Aide Software
The World of Elsag Bailey Process Automation
Hyprotech: Plant Lifecycle
ESM Software for Materials Science
Flow 3D
HTC: heat Transfer Calculations
VISIMIX: Software for Chemical Engineering
Software for Enhancing the Efficiency of Coatings R&D and QC

Glossary of Pharmaceutical Terms
Glossary of terms and Symbols used in Pharmacology
The pharmaceutical Century
Pharmaceutical Online Home Page
Pharma Portal .com
P.D.R: Pharma Documentation Ring
The Virtual -Pharmacy Center, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology
Molecular pharmacology: definitions
Daily Drugs News
Pharma Transfer : Dialogue in Drug Discovery (Guest)
Corey Nahman:This site currently contains 37 drug databases and 6 international
Pharmacy Resources: DMOZ.org

MedWeb: Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Quimifarma: Colección de Bases de datos en Internet
Organización Panamericana de la Salud
Good Manufacturing Practice regulations (GMPs)
Good Laboratory Practice [GLP] and Good Manufacturing Practice [GMP]
Institute of Validation Technology
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) Regulations: Division of Manufacturing and Product Quality (HFD-320)
Current Good Manufacturing Practice Issues on Human Use Pharmaceuticals
Pharmacology Departments  World-Wide
All about VIAGRA

The European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products
Europa: Pharmaceutical
PharmWeb World Drug Alert
WWW Virtual Library Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Companies on the World Wide Web
Infomed Drug Guide
WWW.farma.com (in spanish)
Vademecum Colombiano
FDA Drug Approvals List
CDER New and Generic Drug Approvals-1998-2000
Yahoo: All about Pharmaceutical Links
FDA: Food and Drug Administration
Biotechnology, Competitiveness in Pharmaceuticals Cosmetics
Pharmaceutical Information Network Home Page
Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection
Pharmaceutical Journal List
International Conference on Harmonization
Standards and Standardization Bodies (USA and International)
Inspection Guidelines and Guidances
Biopharm Magazine Internet Sites List

Pharm Web
BIOPHARMA: Biopharmaceutical Products in the U.S. Market
The Best of  Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality
Home to Johns Hopkins Health Information
Engineering Guide: Chemistry Resources
The 10 most used Prescription Drugs (US)
Monitoring Medications in the Marketplace
Scicentral: Best Health Sciences
Toxicology and Pharmacology
UMKC School of Medicine - Section of Clinical Pharmacology
NetPharmacology: web-based hypertext multimedia materials used to teach cardiovascular pharmacology
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Resources

 Welcome to the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Software Server at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Clinical Pharmacology CD-ROM (Free trial)
Study Questions for Pharmacology
A First Course in Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics
Principios de la Farmacología Clínica y Terapéutica
ExPharm: CAL Software for Experimental Pharmacology
Therapeutic Technologies - Free PK Software
Body Surface Area Calculator
Prescripción de Fármacos
Base de datos del medicamento del Consejo General de Colegios Farmacéuticos de España
ISAP: Internet Self  Assessment in Pharmacology (free fo
r .edu domain)
Pharm Web Links
Drugs (good and bad kinds); Pharmaceuticals
ChemNavigator.com  the world's largest, searchable source of drug-like compounds for screening
The World Wide Web Virtual Library Pharmacy
The World Wide Web Virtual Library Biosciences
The Australian Guide to Medications
stayhealthy.com: Health Resource Directory
PHARMA Home Page
Drug Infonet
DrugBase The WWW guide to medication
Biophysical Properties of Drugs

El Medicamento en la Red
DIA: Drug Information Association
Medications by Brand Name
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
100 Years of Aspirin
The Vitamin Collection
The Top 200 Prescriptions Ranked
MCW & FMLH Drug Formulary
New weapons in the fight against cancer
Molecules in Medicine

Pharmacy resources on the Internet
World Health Organization WWW Home Page
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Indexes, Abstracts, etc.
Links to Pharmacology sites
Industria Farmacéutica en Internet (in Spanish)
Pharmaceutical Design & database
Science & Engineering Libraries Guides to Web and Library
HAS Web site
Cyberspace for Biology Teaching And Learning
Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools
Pharmaceutical Companies
Farmacia, Farmacoterapia y Atención Farmacéutica On-Line (Spanish)

Cosmetic Index
The Rules  Governing  Cosmetic Products in the European  Union
Cosmetic Legislation 1999: European Comission (pdf) Vol 1
Cosmetics legislation Cosmetic products Methods of analysis : European Comission (pdf) Vol 2
Guidelines Cosmetic products Notes of guidance for testing of cosmetic ingredients for their safety evaluation Vol 3

The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA)
The Soap and Detergent association
Celsis: detection and measurement of low-level microbial contamination
Albany Molecular Research
Script Reports
Biomedical Visual Center
American Society of Health - System Pharmacists®
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Home Page

Internet Tools of the Profession, 2nd edition.
Facility Image Map (validation)
Medicine Net
Internet Self Assessment in Pharmacology
Thomas Cooper Library's: Digital Library - Pharmacy Databases
ClogP of selected drugs
The Pharma Nord Research Manual : online edition
Drug InfoNet
Abstracts of Stability Articles Index at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

Guidance documents at FDA
Validation of Chromatographic Methods(Search "chromatography,validation" at CDER)
Analytical methods and their limits of quantification
Institute for Validation Technology
Protocolo de validación de métodos analíticos para la cuantificación de fármacos

Forum Farmacéutico Farmaweb (in Spanish)
Welcome to WebMedline
The Most Extensive Information on the web for the World of Perfumery
The American Society of  Pharmacognosy
Farmacognosia y Fitoquímica (in Spanish)
Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Flavor Matrix
Mediconsult.com (search natural products by name or group)
References related to pharmaceutical excipients

Pharmaceutical Information Associates Ltda
Antimicrobial Use Guidelines
Internet resources in food science and technology
IFST: Institute of Food Science & Technology
The Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC)
Food Safe Program at Davis
The Consumer Law Page
Welcome to the Arbor Nutrition Guide
Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
The MSN Search
CPSNET: Web guide to Healthcare  Marketing


    The National Library of Medicine`s Free On Line Databases
    Medline, Toxline, Toxnet, HSDB (Hazardous Substances Data Bank), IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System), CCRIS (Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System), Gene-Tox (Genetic Toxicology), TRI (Toxic Chemical Release Inventory), DART (Development and Reproductive Toxicology), ETICBACK (Environmental Teratology Information Center Backfile), EMIC (Environmental Mutagen Information Center), EMICBACK (Environmental Mutagen Information Center Back File), The Chemical Information Page, ChemIDplus (with 3D structures), ChemID and NCI-3D
On-line Medical Dictionary
Science.komm for medicine & bioscience ....the "k" in research communication!
Medical Equipment & Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Many Resources for Medicine
The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
DMOZ.org: Medicine Resources
Human Anatomy On Line
WebMedicine: The Best Medical Sites on the Web
Avicenna System Corporation: The Medical Information Supersite of the WWW
Center Watch:Clinical Trial Listing services
Life Science Buyers Guide: A virtual Exhibit
Life Science Today's (Buying & Selling Arena)
Achoo Healthcare On line
Biomedical Internet Resources
The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education
Medsite Navigator

Clini Web
Inteli Health at Johns Hopkins
Health A to Z
Welcome to NetHealth
Doctor´s Guide to the Internet
Health gate
Health Finder Org
The Med Explorer
Emergency Medicine
The Med Guide
Medical device, microelectronics, and general design engineering fields
Medical matrix (you need to register)
Med Web Plus
Medicine Net

Health on The Net Foundation
The MedScape
Vademecum de la OMC (Consejos para el Paciente)
The Medical World Search
New York Online Accsess to Health
The Virtual Hospital
Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics
Mari Stoddard´s Boomarks
BioSites: A virtual catalog of Select Internet Resources in the Biomedical Sciences
Health Web
Medicine at Galilei
Nursing, Midwifery, Mental Health & Learning Disabilities -Physiotherapy - Radiography & Medical Imaging


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