Universidad de AntioquiaDepartamentos e InstitutosBienvenido
Quimica Analitica II (U Nal de Colombia - Spanish)
CHEM2041 Chemical & Spectroscopic Analysis
Chemistry 211 : Analytical Chemistry
Center for Process Analytical Chemistry (CPAC)
A Structural Overview and Guide to EURACHEM
Uncertainty of Measurement Results
A Survival Guide to Analytical Chemistry
Detection Limits Calculator, Buffer Maker, Expert Lab Solutions
Interactive Computer Models for Analytical Chemistry Instruction

Christian Brothers University Chemistry 415  Analytical Chemistry
Christian Brothers University  Chemistry 214  Quantitative Analysis  PowerPoint Lectures
Quantitative Analysis web information from schools throughout the United States
University of Wisconsin-Madison  Chemistry Department DEMONSTRATION LAB
Calculate exact pH of any mixture of polyprotic acids and bases

Reliable Measurements: A Guidebook for Trace Analysts 

Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 6e by Daniel C. Harris
Harris, Daniel C.  Exploring Chemical Analysis 3/e, 2005
Principles of Marine Instrumental Analysis

The Reagent Calculator Version 2.2 (Download Free)
Buffer Solutions: calculate on the Web
ZirChrom Buffer WizardTM 
Weak Acid Strong Base Titration Simulator
1110 Home
Chemistry tutorials (Flash Movies)
Spreadsheet Simulations for Analytical and Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 300 - Analytical Chemistry 

Linear Regression Graph Pad on Line
Linear Regression and Correlation Script
Exponential Growth Curve  on Line
Newton's Method Equation Solver
An Ongoing Attempt to Simplify the Understanding of Calculations involving pH
The Chemical Calculator tm Web Site (Download Demo)
Chem 222: Analytical Chem Problems
Chemistry 102: Analytical Chemistry-Dep. of Chemistry-California State University-Dr. David L. Zellmer
Chemland:Equilibrium, Le Chatelier's, Acids and Bases , Buffer, pH, Titration
General Directions and Procedures and  Specifications for Reagent Chemicals
EQS4WIN Chemical Equilibrium Software
MINEQL+ (powerful and easy-to-use chemical equilibrium modeling)
El estudio del equilibrio químico con Excel 97
Chem 222: Problems in Analytical Chemistry
FDA Laboratory Procedure Manual

ASDL Digital Library Site V.3
Index of Equipment and Procedures
Technical Information about Glass: cleaning, thermal and Chemical Properties
Scientific Glassblowing Basics
The Fall of the proton: Why acids react with bases
A Resource of Glass
Glossary of Glassmaking Terms
How should general purpose glassware be cleaned?
Glass: Technical Information Sheets  (Care, Clean,calibration,etc)
Analytical Methods at USDOL/OSHA
Using Pseudoscience as an Aid to Teaching General and Analytical Chemistry
Online Clinical Calculator
Titration of an Unknown Acid or Base (applet on line)
Neutralización Acido - Base (on line applet)
Acid - Base Indicators and Titrations
Java and Javascript Applications
Yue-Ling Wong's Java Interactive Titration Simulation
The Virtual Titrator (HTML-based version)
Negative pH and Extremely Acidic Mine Waters from Iron Mountain, California

Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry (Free Sample Articles)

Biological Oceanography by Remote Sensing
Clustering and Classification of Analytical Data
Electroanalysis and Biosensors in Clinical Chemistry
Glycolipid Analysis
HPLC Separations and Equipment in Peptide and Protein Analysis, Miniaturization of
Imaging Spectrometry for Geological Applications
Infrared Spectroscopy in Clinical and Diagnostic Analysis
Infrared Spectroscopy in Environmental Analysis
Instrumentation of Gas Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography/Infrared Spectroscopy
Mechanical Properties of Solid Coatings
Near-infrared Spectroscopy in Food Analysis
NMR Spectroscopy in Analysis of Chemicals Related to the Chemical Weapons Convention
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Solid State in Analysis of Polymers and Rubbers
Optical Coherence Tomography
Optical Emission Inductively Coupled Plasma in Environmental Analysis
Organometallic Compound Analysis in Environmental Samples
Pharmacogenetic Testing
PNA and Its Applications
Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
Quantitative Spectroscopic Calibration
Self-assembled Monolayers on Electrodes 
Spectroscopic Techniques in Industrial Hygiene
Thin-layer Chromatography
Ultrasonic Measurements in Particle Size Analysis
Vitamins: Fat and Water Soluble: Analysis
Wavelength-dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis
X-ray Fluorescence Analysis: Energy Dispersive
Ion Chromatography in Environmental Analysis
Solid-phase Microextraction in Analysis of Pollutants in the Field

Math Tools by Dmitry Brant (On Line Equations Solver) 
Materials for Analytical Chemistry I and II
Guidelines for Quality Management in Soil and Plant Laboratories. (FAO Soils Bulletin - 74)

PERUSE Chemistry links
Sample Preparation for Trace
Sampling Procedures and Testing Methods
Thomas G. Chasteen´s Home page
Analytical Chemistry Demos (Solubility and Dissociation,Titrations, Acid-Base Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Redox Reactions, Spectroscopy, Chromatography and Separation Techniques
Science Hypermedia : Instrumental Analysis
Interactive Computer Models for Analytical Chemistry Instruction
The Office of Radiation, chemical & Biological safety
Analytical Chemistry Software
Analytical Chemistry Springboard by Knut Irgum
Analytical Chemistry on the Internet
Statistics for Analytical Chemistry
Links for Analytical Chemistry on WWW
Introductory University Chemistry :Tables of Chemical Data
CHEMystery Reference Tables
The Laboratory Robotics Interest Group Home
Chemistry 3600 Quantitative Analysis

Analytical Communications Online (Full pdf)
ANALYTICAL SCIENCES  The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (free PDF format)
Analytical Sciences:Free access

Grupo de Quimiometria y Cualimetria - España
Accreditation and Quality Assurance (Journal)
The weakest Link exercise
Allstat (a UK-based worldwide e-mail broadcast system for the statistical community)
The "Virtual" ~ Mathematics Center
Metrological Traceability of Measurement Results in Chemistry
National Measurement SystemChemical and Biological Metrology Website

HyperStat On Line Text Book
Cursos  Bioestadística Universidad de Málaga: Bioestadística: métodos y aplicaciones
Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics
StatSoft's Electronic Statistics Textbook
A New View of Statistics

Introduction to Probability
Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations!
Power Calculator
Math Archives: Lessons, Tutorials and Lecture Notes
Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources

Index of Equipment and Procedures
Uncertainty of Measurement Results
Standardization and Reference Materials
Sociedad Española de Quimiometría y Cualimetría
Statistics Online Computational Resource

The international database for certified reference materials
Inorganic Ventures - The perfect Certified Reference
NIST - Referencematerials
Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) by the BUREAU OF ANALYSED SAMPLES LTD (BAS)
IRRM - Europe
EVISA- Certified Reference Materials for Speciation Analysis
Environmental Reference Materials / Certified Refere
Cerilliant (forensic Standards)
SCP Science
LGC standards
Exaxol: certified spectroscopy standards and  standardized solutions

Useful links related to Statistics Education
Clinical laboratory Improvement Program
Laboratory Practice and Compliance Monitoring
Theory of  Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR)
EA, The European co-operation for Accreditation

The Weakest Link Exercise
A National Resource for Global Standards (600 national, regional and inter. standards developers)
Good Laboratory Practice for Non clinical Laboratory Studies
Good Laboratory Practice Standards
Metrology & Calibration Resources
Society of Quality Assurance Regulatory Reviews
Standards and Standardization Bodies (USA and Internationals)
General Requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories:ISO/IEC Guide 25

ICONTEC (Colombian Institute For Standardization And Certification)
All about Official Norms
BSI: British Standards Institution
Sequential  Simplex Optimization
On line Chem Courses : Chemometrics
WebStat: Statistical Analysis on the Web

Chemometrics World
Welcome to ChemoBro  - A Searchable Database of 3500 Publications in Chemometrics
The Web´s most comprehensive Chemometric Resource

Statistics for Analytical Chemistry
What statistics to use...?

GraphPad: Choose the kind of calculator you want to use

Introductory Statistics: Concepts, models, and applications (text)

American Society for Quality
Glossaries of Quality Terms
StatLib Index
Philip Crosby Assoc.
Deming Institute
Juran Institute

ISO/IEC Guide 25
Some ISO Resources
American Statistical Association
Mega International
Dataxiom Software
ETQ: The ISO/QS-9000 Source for Services & Software

Statistical Software (Good Recopilation)
Many links to Statistica at Galilei
SPC : Statistical Process Controls
Equation Grapher and Regression Analyzer
Analyse-it for Microsoft Excel
Nonlinear Regression Analysis Program
Curve Expert 134 : Curve Fitting for Windows
JMP: Statistical Discovery Software from SAS Institute
CAMO  high quality tool for multivariate modeling, prediction, classification, and exp. design
Statistics software actualization
Statistica: Data analysis

TUTORIAL Diseño de experimentos on Statgraphics
SAS Home Page
SIMCA for Windows
MIcrocal Software: Origin
StatView Software

GraphPad: Free tools for data analysis
SPSS, Systat, Sigma Plot for Windows
WinSTAT® statistical software
Software to Assist Quality Professionals
Stat-Easy Design Expert
Stat Ease
Statistical Resources at WWW
Links to Statistical Software Providers
Online Quality Resource Guide
Quality Digest Home Page
Quality On Line


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